Joining Your First Sportsbook

So you've decided to join an online sportsbook, great! Follow our steps below, and you'll be betting on your phone in no time.

Recommended - FanDuel

As our #1 New Jersey online sportsbook, FanDuel is a great place to bet.


Their app is cutting edge, and number of sports events covered second to none.

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Choose A Sportsbook
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Each of the online betting sites has its unique advantages and disadvantages, so before you join, you should do some research on which of the sites to join.

FanDuel iTunes Download

For this tutorial, we'll go with FanDuel as it's our number one recommended place to bet in New Jersey.

Next, you'll need to download the app. If you're an Android user, you'll need to follow the download instructions on FanDuel (Google Play doesn't yet allow wagering apps). It's still straightforward.

For Apple users, follow the link to download FanDuel Sportsbook from iTunes.

Download FanDuel

Register Your Details

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to register. Click the JOIN button at the top of the screen.

It's a simple form that takes under a minute to fill out. Sportsbooks will ask for your SSN and address to verify your identity. Don't worry, this information is never used or given out to anybody else, it's purely a technicality.

The registration form is like any other form you'll have seen around the web. It includes username, password and depending on the sportsbook, sometimes security questions. This gives you an extra layer of security on your account.

Once you've filled out the form and selected a username for your login, you're ready to deposit and bet!

Next Steps

Now you're a registered player. You'll want to follow our other tutorials to deposit funds and start betting.