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Raptors lift the NBA title

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NBA Championship 2019-20

Milwaukee Bucks+250 
Los Angeles Lakers+270 
Los Angeles Clippers+340 
Houston Rockets14-1 
Boston Celtics20-1 
Toronto Raptors24-1 
Philadelphia 76ers27-1 
Miami Heat30-1 
Denver Nuggets30-1 
Utah Jazz33-1 

Western Conference Winner

Los Angeles Lakers+114 
Los Angeles Clippers+160 
Houston Rockets7-1 
Denver Nuggets12-1 
Utah Jazz14-1 
Dallas Mavericks22-1 
Oklahoma City Thunder50-1 
San Antonio Spurs100-1 
Portland Trail Blazers150-1 
Memphis Grizzlies300-1 

Eastern Conference Winner

Milwaukee Bucks-220 
Boston Celtics+650 
Toronto Raptors+650 
Miami Heat7-1 
Philadelphia 76ers7-1 
Indiana Pacers28-1 
Brooklyn Nets33-1 
Orlando Magic80-1 
Washington Wizards250-1 
Charlotte Hornets500-1 

Regular Season MVP

Giannis Antetokounmpo-5000 
LeBron James12-1 
James Harden80-1 
Kawhi Leonard80-1 
Luka Doncic80-1 
Anthony Davis150-1 
Damian Lillard200-1 
Nikola Jokic200-1 

Rookie of the Year

Ja Morant-10000 
Zion Williamson20-1