DraftKings Is Offering Several Interesting NFL Team Specials

by Travis Pulver
August 26th 2019, 10:14am

Most gamblers have the same two objectives when they are considering what they want to put their money on—not losing it, and winning a lot.

Of course, to win a lot often requires more risk, which in turn means more of a chance of losing.

So, before placing a bet, it may help to figure out what is more important—not losing or winning big.

Winning big typically means putting money down on wagers with long odds and/or playing parlays. But DraftKings is offering a set of NFL team specials that, if they end up being winners, will net a pretty nice payday for you:

  • Eagles Sweep Cowboys in Regular Season and Win NFL Championship +2500
  • Eagles Sweep Giants in Regular Season and Win NFL Championship +2200
  • Giants Sweep Cowboys in Regular Season and Win NFL Championship +25000
  • Giants Sweep Eagles in Regular Season and Win NFL Championship +20000
  • Jets beat Giants in Week 10 and Win NFL Championship +8000
  • Jets Sweep Patriots in Regular Season and Win NFL Championship +15000
  • Patriots go 6-0 in Division and Win NFL Championship +3000

None of the scenarios are going to be easy—which is why the shortest odds are kind of long at +2200. But if you break down each scenario, a good case could be made for some of them to happen (not an exceptional case, but a good one).

Now, it safe to say that the Giants are not going to sweep anyone this season or make the playoffs let alone win the Super Bowl. So, while it would be fantastic to win a bet with +25000 or +20000 odds, it isn’t going to happen.

It is also safe to say that the Jets are not going to sweep the Patriots this season. They are going to be a better team, but not so much better that they are going to beat New England twice. As for the Giants in Week 10—yes, they will probably beat them. But they are longshots to make the playoffs this year and even longer to win the Super Bowl (don’t count on it).

As for the other wagers, both scenarios involving the Philadelphia Eagles are possible. It is not hard at all to imagine the Eagles beating the Cowboys at least once during the regular season. But twice? While entirely possible, it hasn’t happened since 2011.

However, the Eagles look better than they have in years this season.  The defense should be as strong as ever, and Carson Wentz should be healthy (of course, the trick is keeping him healthy). But they have a more promising running game this season, and some think, the best offensive line in the NFL.

With the stable of receivers Wentz will have at his disposal, the Eagles could have one of the most potent offenses in the league. So—this could be the year they finally sweep the Cowboys again (did it five times from 2000-06).

When it comes to the Super Bowl—they could absolutely win it. The odds on both Eagles wagers are about what they should be, and both could payoff (and are worth taking). But the most compelling one has to be the New England Patriots.

It is the Patriots we are talking about, so there is a very good chance they could win the Super Bowl this year. While that would be the hard part for the other wagers, for the Patriots, the hard part will be sweeping their division.

You wouldn’t think so since their division is not a strong one. It is not hard at all to imagine the Patriots beating the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins twice. Buffalo has a strong defense, but their offense is still suspect at best. The Jets are going to be tougher in Sam Darnold’s second year, but they are not quite ready to compete with the Patriots.

As for the Dolphins—no way. Miami has often gotten lucky against the Patriots in Miami, but with the outlook the Dolphins have this year—don’t count on it.

However, while it may seem like the Patriots sweeping their division should be a no-brainer, they haven’t done it since 2012. That explains why the odds are what they are. Yes, all six are games that could easily be won by the Patriots. But winning six games and then also winning the Super Bowl?

That is asking a lot of any team (the teams in the other scenarios only have to win two or three games).