Keep the Cash at Fanduel - All you need to know

by Vivian Knight
September 6th 2019, 4:06am

Fanuel is inviting you to put your sporting knowledge to the ultimate test with a brand new promotion which will see players trying to hold on to $1,000,000 over 20 questions.

Keep The Cash is open to individuals who have a Fanduel account who are at least 21 years of age and are physically present in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

To enter the promotion, go to, log in or register for a Sportsbook Account and head to the promotions page. Keep The Cash requires players to wager at least $1 in order to submit an answer to a daily question.

Keep The Cash Fanduel

How to Play

  • Fanduuel will start you off with a mythical $1 million
  • You will then be presented with 20 daily questions related to NFL games
  • You must distribute your entire balance between yes or no to each question
  • What you put on the correct result is what you’ll have for your next question
  • Make it through 20 questions without losing your entire balance and you get to keep the cash!

Answer 20 questions correct to keep the cash!

Keep The Cash Fanduel Promotion

For example, if the first question asks is “Will X NFL Quarterback throw for 200 yards in XX NFL game?”, you could wager any amount of your mythical bankroll on YES and the remainder will automatically be wagered on NO.

Let's say you wagered $700,000 of your Bankroll on YES, the remaining $300,000 of your bankroll will automatically be wagered on NO.

If the result of the question is YES you will keep $700,000 of your bankroll to wager on the next daily question. If the result of that daily question is a NO, you will only keep $300,000 of your bankroll to wager on the next daily question.

There will be one daily question posted every Monday, Thursday and Saturday during the promotion period, and two daily questions posted on Sundays during the promotion period which ends on December 29th 2019.

Twenty questions between you and a fortune, one wrong move could literally wipe you out.

Has anyone got what it takes to Keep The Cash? We will just have to wait and see!

Play Keep The Cash