There Are More Ways To Bet On The SuperBowl Than You Think

by Travis Pulver
August 19th 2019, 1:08pm

When it comes time to put a wager down on who we think is going to win the Super Bowl, we have been conditioned to believe we must pick one team.

You can, of course, and your odds will range from +650 (New England Patriots) to +15000 (Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins).

By picking one team, the payout can be pretty good even if you go with the favorite. But that still means 31 other teams can win meaning you will lose. As great as a higher payout is, not losing is also an acceptable outcome.

So, if you are okay with a lower payout but a better chance of winning something, has a variety of ways fans can wager on the Super Bowl:

Winning Conference

The AFC has won four of the last six but if you go back a little further, the numbers even out. Each conference has won five of the last ten.

Of the ten teams with the shortest odds, five are from each conference. But three of the top four are from the AFC.

Take the AFC.

Winning Division

The NFC South and West have one legitimate contender each (Saints and Rams), but also have some decent longshots (Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, 49ers). In the AFC, the East has the Patriots but no one else that is a legit contender.

The West, though, has two good ones (Chargers and Chiefs).

Take the AFC West.

Winning State

California is a tempting bet since it contains the Rams and Chargers, but ‘Any other state’ includes the Patriots, Saints, and Chiefs making the decision an easy one.

Still not sure which bet is the right one for you? Then, how about this one:

Winning Timezone

  • Central             +120
  • Eastern            -125
  • Mountain        +4600
  • Pacific               +160

If you want to go with sheer numbers which would give you a better chance of not losing, then you have to go with the Eastern Time Zone, home of the Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Eagles, Bills, Giants, Ravens, Buccaneers, Panthers, Jaguars, Steelers, Redskins, Falcons, Browns, Bengals, Lions, and Colts.

Of those teams, the Patriots, Eagles, Browns, and Colts all have great odds.

But in the Pacific Time Zone, you have two strong contenders in the Rams and Chargers, two viable longshots in the 49ers and Seahawks, and the Raiders.

If you roll with the Mountain Time Zone, you must be a fan of either the Broncos or Cardinals. Either that or you hate money (because neither will make the playoffs this year).

Then in the Central, you have some solid competitors, too. Last year, four of them won their division (Texans, Cowboys, Bears, Chiefs, and Saints) including the No. 1 seed in both conferences (Chiefs and Saints). Big things are expected of the Vikings and Packers this season, and the Titans were almost a playoff team last season.

While nearly half of the league, including the perennial Super Bowl contending Patriots, are in the Eastern Zone, the Central has a higher concentration of strong teams.

Take the Central.                                                                                       

But if you just want to keep it simple and take one team, that is an option as well:

NFL Championship Winner

This is something that can be discussed and debated at great length, but a viable case can be made for anyone from the Vikings on up depending on how much risk you are willing to take. If the answer is none, then go with the Patriots or Chiefs.