When Will The New York Giants Win/Lose Their First Game?

by Travis Pulver
August 19th 2019, 7:39am

The New York Giants have been good before - just not recently. With the outlook most have for this season, they will not be climbing back on top anytime soon.

They do have some promising young talent on the roster. But there just isn’t enough of it right now for them to compete in the NFC East (+1200) let alone the conference (+3700) or for the Super Bowl (+8000).

So, when it comes to the Giants, it really isn’t worth debating or even discussing their odds at winning the division/conference/Super Bowl. They just aren’t good enough to win any of them right now. But when they are going to win their first game and lose their first game?

Now that could be an interesting discussion.

First Win

According to FanDuel Sportsbook (as of August 16), the odds on when they will win their first game are as follows:

Like most rivals, the Giants do tend to play better when they face the Dallas Cowboys—especially early in the season. For the last four years, the Giants and Cowboys have faced off in either Week One or Two. Dallas has won three of the four games, but three of them were really close games.

The Giants don’t have as much talent on either side of the ball as Dallas. But if the Cowboys are missing Ezekiel Elliot in Week One, there is a chance for an upset. It is a slim chance, but a chance none the less.

Buffalo’s defense may be too much for the Giants offense, but they should have a pretty good shot at winning in Week Three against Tampa Bay or the following week against Washington. Otherwise, the next most likely win will be in Week Seven against Arizona.

All three are similar to the Giants in that they have several holes on their respective rosters as well. They will likely be competitive games, and they will undoubtedly be ones that the Giants can win. Will they? That’s a much longer discussion.                  

They are not going to beat Minnesota or New England, and it is highly unlikely they get to midseason without at least one win.   

First Loss

FanDuel is also offering odds on when the Giants will lose their first game:

It would be an incredible feat if they were actually to make it to Week Seven (or longer) unbeaten. But most fans and analysts would probably agree that there is no way they get past the New England Patriots in Week Six. That is if they even get past the Cowboys in Week One.

Giants' Saquon Barkley running against Cowboys

The Giants have done well against the Cowboys on the road. Since AT&T Stadium opened up in 2009, the Giants are 5-5 at Dallas. They won the first game against Dallas in AT&T Stadium and went on to win the next three, but have since gone 1-5. Their wins have been by less than a touchdown. Only two of the ten were decided by more than one.   

If Ezekiel Elliot is out for Week One, the Giants will have a legitimate chance to win; they will still be underdogs, but they will have a shot. If they were to pull off the upset, it is not hard to imagine Buffalo’s defense shutting Eli Manning down or Jameis Winston throwing all over the Giants secondary a week later.

There is no way they start the season 3-0.

Our Betting Tips/Prediction

Take the Giants to win their first game in either Week Three or Four. Expectations are just as low for Tampa Bay and Washington, which means the Giants should at least be on par with them (and capable of winning).

As for the first loss—it is going to happen Week One in Dallas.