CFB Betting Tips: Who Is Going To Win The Games That Matter Most—The Rivalries?

by Travis Pulver
August 30th 2019, 8:38am

Every college football team wants to win the National Championship, but most know that doing so is well out of reach for them.

If they can’t do that, then most are satisfied with the thought of winning a conference championship. But in most cases, there are only a handful of teams that have a legitimate shot in each conference.

So—what does that leave the rest of the hundred or so major college football programs aspiring to? The rest want to win as many games as possible. But if they are going to win just a couple, they want to beat their rivals.

DraftKings is offering odds on whether a few schools will be able to take down their rivals this season but not just a single rival:

  • Michigan to beat Notre Dame and Ohio State in Regular Season +125
  • Notre Dame to beat Michigan and USC in Regular Season +250
  • Ohio State to beat Penn State and Michigan in Regular Season +150
  • Penn State to beat Ohio State and Michigan in Regular Season +1100
  • Texas to beat LSU and Oklahoma in Regular Season +550

Michigan vs. Notre Dame and Ohio State

Big things are expected of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State this season.  Michigan and Ohio State have the same odds to win the Big Ten (+175). Of the three, the Wolverines have the best national championship odds at +1800 (Notre Dame +6600; Ohio State +2200).

Michigan Notre Dame NCAAF Rivalry

All three teams are going to be good. But Michigan probably has the edge on Ohio State and Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish will make it interesting but are not quite at the same level as the Wolverines. While Ohio State may have dominated the ‘Big Game’ since 2012, they have a new head coach and a lot of starters to replace.

At +125, it isn’t a bet worth taking. Michigan should win both games, but the Buckeyes and Fighting Irish are not going to make it easy.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan and USC

The Fighting Irish will be able to compete with Michigan, but they are probably not going to beat the Wolverine this year. USC, on the other hand, has a head coach on the hot seat and is a team with a ton of question marks entering the 2019 season.

But they don’t play Notre Dame until mid-October and could have a lot of them figured out.

Notre Dame will probably take USC but not Michigan, so don’t take this bet, either.  

Ohio State vs. Penn State and Michigan

Teams like the Buckeyes don’t aim to rebuild; they hope to reload. They will certainly need to this season after losing a handful of playmakers to the NFL. But as a perennial powerhouse, they are not likely going to be short on talented players.

Ohio State Penn State Rivalry Game

However, whether their first-year head coach can get them on the same page and performing at a high level by the end of the season will decide if they can continue their dominance over Michigan (haven’t lost since 2012; don’t count on it).

Penn State has a ton of holes to fill and could be in line for a down year. Ohio State will probably beat them, but not Michigan. Pass on this bet as well.

Penn State vs. Ohio State and Michigan

Ohio State edged the Nittany Lions last year, and Michigan destroyed them. With much of the same team coming back and Penn State needing to reload, the Wolverines will likely destroy them again. While Ohio State has its issues, this season, Penn State has more.

The payout at +1100 would be nice, but there is no way this one hits.

Texas vs. LSU and Oklahoma

Of the five rivalry bets, this one is the most intriguing. Many people have high hopes for Texas this year, but then again, people have high hopes and expectations for Texas every year. But the Longhorns do have a Heisman candidate at quarterback in Sam Ehlinger, a top-notch head coach in Tom Herman, and a lot of talented youngsters on defense.

They will need a few things to go their way early in the season, but it is not hard to imagine the Longhorns gelling and becoming an excellent team. Good enough to beat the Sooners and Tigers?

University of Texas

No matter what, the Red River Rivalry (Oklahoma) seems to end up being a good, hard-fought, competitive game. With former Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts at quarterback, the Sooners could be as good as ever. But Oklahoma does have several holes they will have to fill this season.

LSU was just a ‘good’ offense last year; far from exceptional. Joe Burrow is one of the better quarterbacks the Tigers have had in recent years, but that isn’t saying much. Defensively, they lost some key guys but still have a lot of great ones coming back.

It will be close, but Texas could beat LSU and Oklahoma this year. The possibility and odds are worth a small to modest wager.